All our servers are now on the new in house back end system. With this new system we added one more server. GRITS

Here are the current packs.

BACON : Exoria BAGEL : FTB Revelation BRUNCH : Stoneblock GRAVY : Vanilla with Hermitcraft pack GRITS: Enigmatica 2: Expert

We have more servers. I swear!


We are in the middle of a back end migration. This affects the status display on the website. BAGEL and BACON are on this new server management system and are only displayed on the Discord Channel.

BACON is now running Exoria 1.0.2 pack and bagel has been updated to the latest FTB Revelation 1.8.0


Discord Outage

We are aware of a current discord outage that is restricting our server from being accessed. Discord is aware of this outage and we are awaiting restoration on their side.

Thank you,


FTB Unabridged has been retired from Donut.

FTB Unabridged has been retired from Donut. We are pleased to present in its place, SevTech Ages

Here is the world download of the Unabridged world. This link might expire eventually also.

Chunkloading policy.

In attempt to keep all the server running smoothly, We ask that you unload all your chunks if you are moving to a different pack.

As an example, I am playing mostly on BAGEL and I am not on DONUT or BRUNCH very much. I unloaded all my chunks in DONUT and BRUNCH.


Q: Can I go back to that base once I move to a new pack A: Of course, you are free to move around

Q: If I decide to go back to a pack, can I chunk load the chunks again. A: Yes, but make sure you unload the chunk in the server you are currently not playing.

Q:Can I keep my base chunk claimed A: yes

Congratulations for FMA_Winry

@everyone One of our members is now a proud affiliate of Twitch! @FMAWinry has reached this great achievement and please congratulate her along side us during her streams! You can find her at

Also, for the first month! It appears her subscription cost is at $2.50. If you can spare the cup of coffee this month, this would be a great way to show your support!

Dining room table shake up!

We've got a shake up for the dining room table today.

BACON is now ATM BAGEL is now AoE GRAVY is still Vanilla BRUNCH is still French Toast CREPE will have a new pack soon(tm) ((magic)) DONUT no change

FYI: No changes anticipated

Hello my friends,

We do not anticipate changing any packs for the summer time. Everything will stay status quo.

Occasionally we install a different game server , I have put up an AVORION server on You are welcome to connect.

Other then that.. Carry ON.

alt text

Reboot times as of March 10th 2017

The time are all (GMT-5) EST time

Server times
BACON every 05:30 and 17:30
BAGEL every 12 hours after original startup
CREPE every 05:00 and 17:00
DONUT every 04:00 and 16:00
BRUNCH every 6h after original startup
GRAVY every 02:00

Donut will be getting GTNH again.

There was an interest in playing GTNH again. We will put it up on DONUT for a second run.

Who know how long this will last.


Help keep the server on!

Donations appreciated.