Enforcement of these rules will be done on a case by case basis, inappropriate behavior may result in a warning, removal of chat privileges or removal from the community. The goal is for you and everyone in the community to have fun and enjoy themselves. Our rules are to provide a clear definition of what is acceptable to do on our servers and in our Discord channels. They are our rules and can be modified at any time by the Administrators.

  1. You must be mature. We occasionally allow younger people into the community if they have ties to an active member. They will be held to the same standards as all of our members and the person that vouched for them may also be held responsible for their violations.
  2. No discussions of religion or politics in the public channels.
  3. Be respectful of all members of the community. Racism, sexism, homophobia or any mean-spirited comments or actions will not be tolerated.
  4. No pornographic, excessively violent, or gory content in the public channels.
  5. No griefing. Do not intentionally break blocks, change machine settings or do anything that would affect the look or function of other players’ creations.
  6. No stealing. Most of us are open to helping people, do not go to someone’s base and help yourself to their stuff, ask in chat and someone will probably give you want you need, or give you tips on how to get it faster. One exception on stealing is food crops. If you are new on the server and need food while you are looking for place to settle it is generally ok to take a small amount of food crops, such as wheat, to help you on your way if you replant and don’t take their entire crop. Do not kill the players’ animals or take crops that take a long time to regrow or are hard to replace.
  7. No duping. We don’t run any creative servers. If you want to play on a creative server, sorry but you will have to look elsewhere. Looping crafting recipes are accepted. Converting recipes are also accepted (alluminium > bucket>melt>iron). Malfunctions or a mod to creative spawn stuff, not accepted (builders wand to place diamond full drawers)
  8. Do not use a quarry in the overworld that leaves huge holes. While not a huge issue anymore with ender quarries, RFtools and other such mining machines, please refrain from digging massive holes in the overworld unless you are somehow using it as part of your base design. Its typically ugly to look and annoying to have to navigate around them when you are out adventuring.
  9. Unload the chunks of your base when you are done or going on vacation. Server resources are not unlimited. If you are going to be gone for a while, or you are done playing one the server please unload your base.
  10. Keep in the 5000 block radius. Server resources are not unlimited and large maps creates large files which lead to large backups and the storage adds up quickly.

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