While the rules are strictly enforced these community guidelines are a more informal set of ideas on what members can expect from the community and what the community expects from its members.

We are a pretty laid-back community with members from many countries and backgrounds. We generally prefer casual conversation, chatting about technology, occasionally current events but mostly about games. If you are looking for in-depth talks of world news, religion and the like, this probably isn’t the place for you. Although I like to think most of the community considers everyone else here a friend, it is generally frowned upon to give out detailed personal information in the public channels. If you become good friends with a member of our community and want to share details about your life that’s just fine, but with new members joining in all the time it’s just good basic internet safety to not give out too much information publicly.

We are predominately a Minecraft community and most of chat is about Minecraft. All our servers are linked through Discord so you are able to chat with players on the other servers from in game, or through our Discord channel. We do occasionally run servers for other games. If you are interested in playing a different game with the community we may consider hosting a server for it depending on community interest and the load on the server.

Most of us enjoy a good laugh every now and then. Jokes, funny pictures and videos and the occasional meme are welcome. Avoid potentially sensitive topics and give a warning for images and videos that are not safe for work. And please, if it gets to the point where people are complaining that you are posting too many memes, do not post another meme as your response, you won’t last long around here.

While most of us are willing to help new players, it is preferred that you try and find the solution first by either using the mods wiki if available, YouTube, or Googling. If you anticipate needing a lot of help, you can try asking to team up with someone more experienced who plays around the same times as you. You also must remember that while there might be a lot of people in the discord, some of us are at work, or might not be able stop what we are doing to help right away or just not know how that mod works. There are also times when someone doesn’t have a lot of time to play and might just want to relax and not interact with anyone. Please don’t get discouraged or feel like you are being ignored because you don’t get an answer right away.

We do accept monetary donations to help with the cost of server hosting and occasionally to purchase software or services used by the community. All donations received are used exclusively for the community. All donations are completely voluntary, we do not charge for access and donating grants no special privileges.

Our admin and moderator team are all volunteers. Together we have a wide range of skillsets that allow us to handle most problems that arise with the servers. We try to have someone available at all times, but it is not always possible due to work and real-life commitments. Modded Minecraft can also be a bit complicated to diagnose at time. Some problems may arise that take time to find a solution for or are a problem we cannot easily fix ourselves, such as a bug in a specific mod. When a problem does arise please be patient, we want all our servers up and running smoothly and we do our best to ensure any downtime is as short as possible.

Please remember this is a gamming community. We are all here because we enjoy playing games and want to be around other people that feel the same. We welcome any suggestions or ideas that might improve the experience and please feel free to bring any issues about things in game or in chat that you feel need to be addressed to the attention of the admins or moderators.

Thank you and have fun!

Help keep the server on!