About Us

Breakfastcraft continues to be a longstanding community for 18+ aged Minecraft players to join and enhance their experience with likeminded individuals. Over the past few years, the community has continued to evolve and maintain a solid user base reaching levels of 150+ users on Discord. With this evolution, we continue to create and exchange servers to match the trends with Minecraft and related mod packs.

At the same time, friendships continued to be built while various moderators and administrators pledged to keep the community running. In recent years we have begun to venture outside of Minecraft and work to implement group events in other video games.

Breakfastcraft would like to encourage new individuals looking for a calm and relaxing community to apply. Users play at their own enjoyment and leave and return at their pleasure. There’s a reason our community is over 80% funded by user donations on Patreon. The people believe in us!

Join today and become apart of a community not only to enjoy the multiplayer world but the ability to feel like part of a community willing to hear what you made for dinner!

Help keep the server on!