New Application Process: Apply Through Discord Bot!

We have exciting news for all the new applicants! Our application process has undergone a significant change to provide you with a more streamlined and interactive experience. We are pleased to introduce our new Discord bot application process, which replaces the previous website application.

No more website registration required! You can now apply directly through our Discord server using the newly developed bot. We believe this change will enhance your application experience and make it more convenient for you to join our community.

Steps to Become a Member

Before you apply, please read our rules at Familiarizing yourself with these will ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience in our community.

Follow these steps to become a member:

  1. Join our Discord server by clicking the link: This will automatically bring you to our #welcome channel.

  2. Upon entering the #welcome channel, use the !apply command to have @eggbot process your application.

  3. Upon acceptance, we will add your Minecraft name to our allowlist, granting you access to our servers.

Remember, following the rules is crucial for maintaining a respectful and fun community. We look forward to welcoming you to the Breakfastcraft community!

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