Less flying fish!

@GRITS has been updated to F.O.G. of Magic 1.3.0! Now (hopefully) with 97% less flying fish

Engineers Life 2

Hello everyone,

@DONUT will now feature Engineers Life 2 (1.0)


Happy Holidays.

We swapped the packs of 4 servers for the holidays.

BACON with Sky Bees 1.16.4
BAGEL with Direwolf20 1.16.4 pack (same seed as the lets play)
BRUNCH as a community effort pack with FTB: Interactions 1.12.2
Grits with a retro pack 1.7.10. Infinity Evolved: Skyblock

Hope you enjoy it.

COVID Stuck?

Stuck at home? Come join us on our ATM6 community build. A nice little village is happily spreading at spawn. Plenty to do still.

We have merch.

Folks, we're now offering customized shirts related to the BreakfastCraft Community! These are custom-designed shirts made and shipped from Canada by Jessica's Crochet Closet. Numerous sizes and colours are available. If interested, please fill out the form (image available via link).


Host refresh.


This month started with a refresh or the Minecraft server wrapper. FryingPan2 has been 3 years in the making by one of our own. This refreshed tool permits our admin to do their job properly and help you with your Minecraft needs.

One of the major changes is the server bots. They will actually stay connected to discord now. Most of the features are for admins.

Cakebot has been retired. With the new Fry-Launcher we now have eggBot. Same kind of commands are available as CakeBot.

Hope you enjoy your time here at Breakfastcraft.

Have a good February.

Happy 2020!


We wish you all a happy 2020!

Here are the current packs featured.

Rustic Water
Spilled Juice
Vanilla 1.15.1

Happy Thanks Giving!

Thanksgiving wishes from across the chunks from our dirt hut to yours. May your base be filled with machines and automation! Sending you my warm wishes from block to block and from heart to heart to wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving! May this tic cylce be a beautiful reminders of the wonderful things in Minecraft.

Reviving Spilled-Juice

Hey folks, for anyone unaware, we're working to revive Spilled Juice over in #spilled-juice ! This pack will mimic that of kitchen sink with no focus on gating or questing, but with a goal of pursuing lesser than obvious mods. Several of the "big boys" will be excluded from the modpack with the effort.

Staying alive and quiet.

We are still alive. Server are running and players are enjoying them.

come join our community. 18+

@Gravy has a fresh new world, seed: breakfastcraft

Happy summer!

@Gravy has been updated to Vanilla 1.14.3

E2:E has been retired from @GRITS. In its place we are pleased to feature FTB Builders Paradise 1.5.0

We wish you a beautiful and restful summer.

Time for an Update!

Many of you are curious about what our current pack options are for our group. These always available via our discord using the !s command. For those of you who do not have discord, here's a current list.

Gravy Vanilla 1.14.1

Bagel Sky Factory 4 4.0.5

:Grits Enigmatica 2: Expert 1.64d

Brunch FTB Ultimate Reloaded 1.7.1

Bacon Omnifactory 1.0.2 Just released!

Spring is in the air!

@Donut is taking a break to free up some resources for @Brunch.

On @Brunch we are running FTB Ultimate Reloaded for FMA_Winry's Subs.

Every member is still whitelisted for Brunch.

Help keep the server on!