Staying alive and quiet.

We are still alive. Server are running and players are enjoying them.

come join our community. 18+

@Gravy has a fresh new world, seed: breakfastcraft

Happy summer!

@Gravy has been updated to Vanilla 1.14.3

E2:E has been retired from @GRITS. In its place we are pleased to feature FTB Builders Paradise 1.5.0

We wish you a beautiful and restful summer.

Time for an Update!

Many of you are curious about what our current pack options are for our group. These always available via our discord using the !s command. For those of you who do not have discord, here's a current list.

Gravy Vanilla 1.14.1

Bagel Sky Factory 4 4.0.5

:Grits Enigmatica 2: Expert 1.64d

Brunch FTB Ultimate Reloaded 1.7.1

Bacon Omnifactory 1.0.2 Just released!

Spring is in the air!

@Donut is taking a break to free up some resources for @Brunch.

On @Brunch we are running FTB Ultimate Reloaded for FMA_Winry's Subs.

Every member is still whitelisted for Brunch.

January news!

Hello everyone,

May your new year be filled of complex and beautiful builds. May the creepers and zombies leave you alone and the hunt for dragons be plentiful. We at BreakfastCraft, wish you a great year!.

Some news if you have not seen them in the Discord channels.

-Exoria has been retired from @BACON . In it's place we are now featuring Mass Production.
-Sky Adventures has been retired from. @BRUNCH. We are now pleased to feature Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons!

Also note that we are missing a few patreons to Breakfastcraft, so we can have it fully financed. 5$/month each.

Gregblock on BAGEL

Bagel is now host to the Gregblock pack.

Its a nice Skyblock pack centered around the Gretech Community edition mod.

Have fun.

New long term server.

hello everyone.

I am happy to announce the comeback of Breakfast Buffet. An little customize, no recipe changed kitchen sink modpack. Also this pack has been installed on a DONUT and is designated a long term server. The reset date is set for august 31st 2019. But if we feel we need more time to play on, we can still do that.

I would like to encourage our members to plan long term project on this server and to contribute to spawn in their own way.

here are some examples of what I hope will happen.

Build large nether tunnel networks.
Build a train station with rail system. Community power grid Shops, stables, hotels, etc

We are committed to keep that server running smoothly as long as possible. (money permitting!)

Hope you enjoy, I know I will.

New hardware addition to BreakfastCraft

I know, this is overkill. We added a MC-64-OC from OVH to our server fleet. It as a faster CPU (core i7 7700K), lots of ram and crazy fast storage. GRITS was promptly moved over. You are welcome!

With this new server, we can spread out the load a bit more and free up some resources on the older MC-32. I think we will be moving BAGEL onto the new box and eventually the Factorio server. This move has increased our cost significantly but I believe in our user base to help out. Add what ever you can to the Patreon pool. Every penny counts.

Thank you for you support and enjoy the speed.


All our servers are now on the new in house back end system. With this new system we added one more server. GRITS

Here are the current packs.

BACON : Exoria BAGEL : FTB Revelation BRUNCH : Stoneblock GRAVY : Vanilla with Hermitcraft pack GRITS: Enigmatica 2: Expert

We have more servers. I swear!


We are in the middle of a back end migration. This affects the status display on the website. BAGEL and BACON are on this new server management system and are only displayed on the Discord Channel.

BACON is now running Exoria 1.0.2 pack and bagel has been updated to the latest FTB Revelation 1.8.0


Discord Outage

We are aware of a current discord outage that is restricting our server from being accessed. Discord is aware of this outage and we are awaiting restoration on their side.

Thank you,


FTB Unabridged has been retired from Donut.

FTB Unabridged has been retired from Donut. We are pleased to present in its place, SevTech Ages

Here is the world download of the Unabridged world. This link might expire eventually also.

Chunkloading policy.

In attempt to keep all the server running smoothly, We ask that you unload all your chunks if you are moving to a different pack.

As an example, I am playing mostly on BAGEL and I am not on DONUT or BRUNCH very much. I unloaded all my chunks in DONUT and BRUNCH.


Q: Can I go back to that base once I move to a new pack A: Of course, you are free to move around

Q: If I decide to go back to a pack, can I chunk load the chunks again. A: Yes, but make sure you unload the chunk in the server you are currently not playing.

Q:Can I keep my base chunk claimed A: yes

Help keep the server on!

Our Servers

Pack: Multiblock Madness 2.0.3
Pack: FTB OceanBlock 1.11.0
Pack: Vanilla 1.18
Pack: Create: Above and Beyond 1.3
Launcher: Any
Pack: Enigmatica 8 v1.0.4