Registration derp.


If you  haven`t received a confirmation email after registering,  please try again as there was an error with our email system.

If you are still not successful, join us on the IRC channel and ask for an admin.

IRC basics here


Griefing incident investigation.


Donut has been shutdown.  We are investigating a "griefing" incident. Sorry for the inconvenience.

If you have information about the incident or know who is the culprit, please PM any of the admins.

There is zero tolerances for this kind of action.


Server Issue: Donut


We are troubleshooting an issue with Donut. Chunks are staying loaded and the only band-aid fix is a reboot when the loaded chunk count gets too high.  So please bare with us while we find a solution.


All good.

thank you for your patience.


For all newcomers

Just in case there is any confusion, anybody not already whitelisted for our servers MUST submit an application and be approved before requesting access to any private packs or side servers.

Changes to TOAST and DONUT

As you may notice in the next little while, DONUT will no longer be running the RR modpack. DONUT has been switched to my private modpack, BreakfastBuffet. TOAST will be shut down and given to Rob when he feels his modpack is ready for it. This does entail a world reset for BreakfastBuffet.

If you were previously playing on DONUT but never played on my modpack, I will need you to respond to this with your IGN so i can whitelist you to be able to download/run the modpack through ATLauncher.

DONUT will be running BreakfastBuffet 1.19.2.

Maintenance the weekend of October 25

All BreakfastCraft servers will be unavailable for approximately 3 hours while we run updates on the OS of the dedicated server box. Please bear with us during this downtime, we'll make it as short and painless as possible.

BreakfastBuffet updated

BreakfastBuffet has updated to 1.19.1

Please update your clients to connect to TOAST.

Bacon Updated

Bacon has been updated to the newest version of TPPI. Please update to version 1.1.2 before connecting.

BreakfastBuffet Updated

BreakfastBuffet has been updated to version 1.18.1

Please update your modpacks if you wish to continue playing on TOAST server.

New Site!

Seg, South, and Topher have worked hard to bring you this brand new site! Enjoy! Donation plugin will be added soon!

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