Breakfast Special - a new public modpack

I have done it again! I've created a new modpack, called Breakfast Special, that will soon be a public pack on ATLauncher. This pack is about a different pace and style of play. No AE2, no EnderIO, no TE, no IC2. It's based around Immersive Engineering and Magneticraft, with storage being Storage Drawers. Bagel will be the server this will be on once it is released to the public. More information to come as we get closer to releasing the pack.

Brunch is live (Vanilla snapshots)!

Brunch is now live running the most recent snapshot 15w37a. When 1.9 is released officially it will be updated. There is no mods enabled serverside or otherwise. just connect with the normal client using the snapshot and there you go!

All rules apply here as well. If you are a current member and need to be added to the whitelist let us know on IRC!

Come join!


While Gregtech finished GT6, Bacon will be set for a new experiment!

We are trying something new.  The Revolution pack is on BACON.  ATLauncher pack code RevolutionPack, use the recommended setting and disable eairc

Instead of everyone going their way and building their own base, we are building a town or maybe a city.

There are very specific rules for building.  You can find them at spawn and we might add some in the future.

Lets see what happens.

Any suggestion or comment are welcome. Find your way to the forum category Baconia.

Donut is down: July 27th 2015


We had to shutdown Donut due to a bug with Witchery. We will try to fix it tonight.

All admin are not available to fix the servers.  Real life takes priority :)

Sorry for the inconvenience.

BreakfastBuffet 3 is now live!

BreakfastBuffet 3 is now live on DONUT! Download it from ATLauncher if you have already had an application approved.

Delays: Donut launch!

Sorry peeps,

Some unforeseen event has delayed us..

We have started work on Donut and will be live soon.


Donut reset on July 2nd: around 8:30 (GMT-5)

We have decided on a reset date.  The reset will be around that time.

I will be shutting down Donut for the reset around 8pm (GMT-5)

Here is a sneak peak. Hope to see you there.



Credit goes to Pawly for the spawn.  Thanks!

IRC : Info

Pinebox is down! if you are still using the pinebox address please change to to connect the failover system.


DoA updated and testing..


Just a quick update on the faith of DoA.

  • working, updated, pack (all mods work together and the game start ok)

  • most of the custom recipes are broken.  I have to fix this.

  • Cofh oregen is not going to happen. it is not really working with GT6

  • PFAA oregen is in place.  (lets make it harder, mouah ah ah)

  • Added mods: Sleeping overhaul, LanteaCraft, PFAA and some other I forget right now.

To Be Continued...

DONUT World Reset

DONUT is being planned to reset and update in the middle of July. Please prepare accordingly.

DoA Facelift.


Just a quick note to tell you what is happening with DoA. GT5 is no more. Greg dropped it for his new GT6. This kinda made it pointless for a long term server.

What will happen with Bacon and DoA?

1. We will drop GT5 for GT6 and this will mean a server reset.

2. I need your input on this question.

3. when will this happen.  Soon ish! Time permitting.

No update for BreakfastBuffet.

At this time no updates to BreakfastBuffet will be happening.  This is due to some mods not updating to work with the later versions of Forge, as well as some mods being broken with the newer versions of Forge.  We will keep an eye on any fixes for this and update when they become a non-issue.  DO NOT MESSAGE ADMINS DIRECTLY ABOUT BUGS.

GITHUB issue:


Do you love magic and HQM?

Well you're going to love the pack that we have put on Bagel.

FTB Regrowth 0.7.4 as been added to our family of packs.

Welcome everyone.  Pick a spot and start reading your HQM book.


DoA udpated to 0.0.5

Hi, Bacon was updated with version 0.0.5 of Delusion of Adequacy (DoA).

Remember to post any issues on git hub.

Thanks .

Help keep the server on!