Spilled Juice (BAGEL) To Reset in Late January!

It's the time folks! Due to some impending and delayed changes for the pack, we're reaching the point of needing a fresh world to continue the awesome progression that UnNinja has so gratefully managed the past several months. Sometime in late January, (And when we say late january, we're literally talking about the end of the month) a world reset should be imminent to being pushed. At this time we're not able to confirm exact details, or even how late we will be for this deadline. (Let's be honest, I don't think we ever make scheduled deadlines.)

For the mean time, continue to enjoy the server for the next several weeks. At which, more details will be announced, and possibly new ideas explored.


DONT FORGET, WE HAVE A GITHUB! If there's anything you'd like to see removed or added to the pack, whether it be whole mods or config changes, your input is greatly appreciated in that location. Each thought will be examined and may even make it into the final product!



This site is not dead.


Xmas in 3 weeks. Are you ready yet?

Hopefully modded MC 1.11 will be better than 1.10 in the new year.

The servers are all staying status quo, no news there

I just wanted to peg down that Halloween post.


Halloween is around the corner!

Good afternoon guys.

Just a quick update,

Brunch is back online. Please remove thuttech and thutcore from your mods folder until a new version is released.

Bagel has not had an update since the 2.5 failed update. We're working now to find out the culprit and get the pack updated soon.

Gravy is now on the 16w43a snapshot!


Everyone have fun playing, and don't forget to join us on discord/irc!


Good Morning Folks!

Here's a brief news update of what's happened this past weekend.

First, We attempted an update on Spilled Juice for 0.2.5. This failed miserably, and we resorted back to 0.2.4. The world reset was only two hours, and many individuals didn't lose much.

Second, Breakfast Special has a new update!

Third, Vanilla on GRAVY updated to 16w42a! Have fun until the next snapshot. (Bug mike when it drops)

Fourth, We've partnered with a special individual to supply a multiplayer experience for a pack outside of the Breakfast series. This name should sound familiar. mDiyo! (http://www.twitch.tv/mdiyo) His group will be joining us in the community to play the wonderful pack maintained by Tatazaki!

Don't forget to join us on irc or discord!


DONUT is now Breakfast Special modpack

DONUT has been replaced with the Breakfast Special Modpack. It is a public pack on the AT Launcher. New World, new MC version, go nuts!

BAGEL Updated! | GRAVY Updated!

Hello Folks!

BAGEL has successfully been updated to 0.2.2 of Spilled Juice (ATLauncher, packcode: glassofmilk)! Feel free to come join us while we begin our adventures in the new modded 1.10.2 world!

GRAVY has also been successfully updated to 1.11 Snapshots of Vanilla Minecraft. If Possible, snapshots will continue to be pushed to server upon availability being made from Mojang. Feel free to join the crew there and have fun building!

BAGEL Changelog: http://pastebin.com/yfNpQe6k
BAGEL Mods List/Pack Info: http://tinyurl.com/jyg67jh

BAGEL World Download is available via IRC Chat. Feel free to reach out to mike for a link.

BreakfastCraft Servers/Packs Update Information

As many of you know, Breakfastcraft has became a quite active pack development community alongside our multiplayer servers. With this, several changes/updates are expected to occur over the coming month(s) for our entire group.

  1. GRAVY, our Vanilla Minecraft Server will be updated to 1.11 tonight (9/28)

  2. BAGEL, our Spilled Juice (ATLauncher, Pack Code: glassofmilk) Server will be updated to 0.20 with a map reset on Friday (9/30 6:30PM Eastern)

  3. BACON, our Infinity Evolved Skyblock Server will be retired upon the release of FTB Infinity for 1.10.2

  4. DONUT, our BreakfastBuffet** Server will be semi-retired to make room for a new Update of Breakfast Special* (ATLauncher, Public Pack).

  5. CREPE, our Sky Factory 2.5 Server will remain active through out these changes.

  6. BRUNCH, our French Toast (ATLauncher, Pack Code: FrenchToast) will remain active through these changes.

*: Breakfast Special is currently under development/testing. We expect is release soon(tm). If you have any suggestions, please refer to the post below.
**: Upon the release of several major mods, our kitchen sink Breakfast Buffet pack will return to DONUT and Breakfast Special will move to a different server which will be determined at that time.

Remember, this information is subject to change. Please feel free to join us on our IRC to join in on the chat about the world of minecraft modding and various other topics. (Hint: Ask Topher about how TNT will get you banned)

Breakfast Special Update poll

Hey All,

We are looking for thoughts and ideas for a Breakfast Special update, whether it stays on 1.7.10 depending on mods and reliability, or moves up to 1.10.2

Please go to: https://goo.gl/forms/IIcnLz8lYwcGpKmv2 and fill in the form with thoughts/ideas you may have.

They are greatly appreciated and will be taken into consideration.

Technical difficulties.


A heads up to our new user that tried to apply.

The email system has been fixed.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

Please go to forgot Password to get your registration email.


Summer plans.

Bonjour everyone!!

Here's what's happening for the summer.  We are freezing all server to the current revision. We will not update or change packs till September, unless there is something major to fix.

Bacon will stay on IE:SK,
Bagel just got a new SpilledJuice that runs on 1.9.4
Donut stays on BBXL 4.0
Gravy stays on Vanilla
Brunch has FrenchToast that runs on 1.8.9
Crepe stays on SkyFactory 2.5

There should be plenty to do for the summer.  Have a nice summer everyone. Hope to see you on the servers/irc, if not, see ya in September.




BACON got a new pack.

Bacon hadn't seen anyone login in 20 days...

Time for a new pack.  Infinity Evolved: Skyblock in expert mode is the lucky winner.

Note: I added Veinminer on the server with the Skyfactory 2.4 config.  you can logon without it on the client side. but if you want to use it you will have to add that one mod from SF2.4


New host box. Move successful!


Just a quick note that we move all the MC servers to a new OVH host box.  For the curious we got the MC32 package.  The reason we move is because it is cheaper and faster. It runs on solid state drives and that makes the chunk loading way better.  Also the Core i7 is a bit faster at 4ghz.  At first glance we get an improvement of 10ms on a tick cycle.

Hope you enjoy and please report any troubles on our github.


Help keep the server on!