Technical difficulties.


A heads up to our new user that tried to apply.

The email system has been fixed.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

Please go to forgot Password to get your registration email.


Summer plans.

Bonjour everyone!!

Here's what's happening for the summer.  We are freezing all server to the current revision. We will not update or change packs till September, unless there is something major to fix.

Bacon will stay on IE:SK,
Bagel just got a new SpilledJuice that runs on 1.9.4
Donut stays on BBXL 4.0
Gravy stays on Vanilla
Brunch has FrenchToast that runs on 1.8.9
Crepe stays on SkyFactory 2.5

There should be plenty to do for the summer.  Have a nice summer everyone. Hope to see you on the servers/irc, if not, see ya in September.




BACON got a new pack.

Bacon hadn't seen anyone login in 20 days...

Time for a new pack.  Infinity Evolved: Skyblock in expert mode is the lucky winner.

Note: I added Veinminer on the server with the Skyfactory 2.4 config.  you can logon without it on the client side. but if you want to use it you will have to add that one mod from SF2.4


New host box. Move successful!


Just a quick note that we move all the MC servers to a new OVH host box.  For the curious we got the MC32 package.  The reason we move is because it is cheaper and faster. It runs on solid state drives and that makes the chunk loading way better.  Also the Core i7 is a bit faster at 4ghz.  At first glance we get an improvement of 10ms on a tick cycle.

Hope you enjoy and please report any troubles on our github.


Breakfast Buffet: something special for 4.0.0XL edition

Hi everyone.

For this run of Breakfast Buffet, we have a surprise for you.  We have tried to put every mod request in the pack.  The only one that didn't make it is Mariculture.  The pack has 200+ mods and is a bitch to load.  I have tested it on my kids potato (Core2Duo with an HD5700). It seemed to work fine.

This week we will be doing a dev run to iron out the bugs.

Tentatively, the date for Donut's reset would be on the morning of March 5th (EST).

Hope to see you then.


Crepe - New server with an HQM sky block map.

Project Ozone was put on CREPE for your enjoyment.

Please note that the server is in HardCore mode and if you loose all your lives, you will not be able to go back in. There is very little the admins can do to fix this.  Enjoy!

BAGEL is soaked.

Breakfast Special was retired from Bagel last night.  Our local butcher Mike came up with a new pack,  Spilled Juice. This is the pack that has replaced BS on Bagel. Inquire for the pack code in the IRC channel.

have a good weekend


Brunch got a new pack.


Brunch got a new pack while waiting for the 1.9 vanilla.  Come play a pack that feels like the old days of 1.2.7.

It contains the classic. IC2exp, BC, Railcraft  and much more.  Also our friend Lunchinton included his own mod, Expanded Obsisdian (WIP).

Its a fun pack.  Join us.

Happy Holidays

From the Breakfastcraft team. Wishing you a world of happiness now, and throughout the seasons of the coming year.

Donut World reset: Looking forward to seeing you there.


We  are still a go for the Donut reset. If nothing comes up IRL, I will be shutting down Donut around 8pm EST to move the new world over.

This run's spawn is provided by Pawly & Niko. If you like it, tell them. If you don't, keep it to yourself! :P

Same rules as usual.  There will be a mining age. I'm just trying to find someone competent for the creation!

Kill the dragon when you see fit. Just try to include a few others in the hunt.

Community farms are encouraged.  If you build a farm share the warp page at spawn.

Other then that, spread out (within 5000 blocks),  enjoy! and if you have problems,  open an issue on our github.




Breakfast Special is now released

Breakfast Special is now released on ATLauncher. It is a public pack, so it will show up on your launcher with no actions necessary from the Admin team, however since it is new, it'll most likely be towards the bottom of the list until people start downloading and playing it.

On 9/20/15, Bagel will be started up which will house this modpack for all members of BreakfastCraft to play on. If you stream or create Youtube videos, feel free to start those videos/streams up and spread the name around the interwebs!

Breakfast Special - a new public modpack

I have done it again! I've created a new modpack, called Breakfast Special, that will soon be a public pack on ATLauncher. This pack is about a different pace and style of play. No AE2, no EnderIO, no TE, no IC2. It's based around Immersive Engineering and Magneticraft, with storage being Storage Drawers. Bagel will be the server this will be on once it is released to the public. More information to come as we get closer to releasing the pack.

Brunch is live (Vanilla snapshots)!

Brunch is now live running the most recent snapshot 15w37a. When 1.9 is released officially it will be updated. There is no mods enabled serverside or otherwise. just connect with the normal client using the snapshot and there you go!

All rules apply here as well. If you are a current member and need to be added to the whitelist let us know on IRC!

Come join!


Help keep the server on!

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