AT launcher notice!

AT launcher updated in the background and required us to update the forge libraries.  So please re-install BreakfastBuffet to refresh the libraries.

Thank you!

Bacon has a new in house pack.


We present "Delusion of Adequacy" pack now housed on BACON.

if you don't have it on you AT Launcher, just request to be added to the whitelist.



Donut at 1.23.2

Minor config changes and fix to match server.

DONUT Updated

DONUT has updated to BreakfastBuffet 1.23.0

As always, changelog is at:

Toast updated to 1.0.3

Toast has been updated to "The Dark Trilogy" version 1.0.3


Bacon reset: Beyond Reality pack 1.7.10 (AT Launcher)

Hi Everyone.

TPPI has been replaced by Beyond Reality, a pack base on GT hard mode. We chose this pack for GregTech, and because it was completely updated to 1.7.10 with no more MJ.  All mods are powered by RF, EU  or GT power.

You can get all the info on

Bacon is open to the white list. We have worked out some rules about claims and such. This is due to the fact that the ores are spawned in big deposit called vein.

-You may only claim one vein of each type.
-your claim must be within 1000 block from your base.
-Label the borders of your claim clearly with signs.
-Your claim will include other vein in the same chunks.
-there might be other rules and they will be posted at spawn on Bacon.

Thank you and enjoy.

Registration derp.


If you  haven`t received a confirmation email after registering,  please try again as there was an error with our email system.

If you are still not successful, join us on the IRC channel and ask for an admin.

IRC basics here


Griefing incident investigation.


Donut has been shutdown.  We are investigating a "griefing" incident. Sorry for the inconvenience.

If you have information about the incident or know who is the culprit, please PM any of the admins.

There is zero tolerances for this kind of action.


Server Issue: Donut


We are troubleshooting an issue with Donut. Chunks are staying loaded and the only band-aid fix is a reboot when the loaded chunk count gets too high.  So please bare with us while we find a solution.


All good.

thank you for your patience.


Help keep the server on!