While Gregtech finished GT6, Bacon will be set for a new experiment!

We are trying something new.  The Revolution pack is on BACON.  ATLauncher pack code RevolutionPack, use the recommended setting and disable eairc

Instead of everyone going their way and building their own base, we are building a town or maybe a city.

There are very specific rules for building.  You can find them at spawn and we might add some in the future.

Lets see what happens.

Any suggestion or comment are welcome. Find your way to the forum category Baconia.

Comments on "While Gregtech finished GT6, Bacon will be set for a new experiment!"

_sipsceen's Avatar
8 years, 9 months ago
hey demethan this is jacob or you might now me as _sipsceen we played along time ago and i finally got a new computer and i was wondering if you could help me get it setup to play?
MrGuts740's Avatar
8 years, 5 months ago
ya i would also need help knowing what version you are using cause i got FTB launcher and i am trying to join for a few weeks and it dont got the right mods  

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