Good Morning Folks!

Here's a brief news update of what's happened this past weekend.

First, We attempted an update on Spilled Juice for 0.2.5. This failed miserably, and we resorted back to 0.2.4. The world reset was only two hours, and many individuals didn't lose much.

Second, Breakfast Special has a new update!

Third, Vanilla on GRAVY updated to 16w42a! Have fun until the next snapshot. (Bug mike when it drops)

Fourth, We've partnered with a special individual to supply a multiplayer experience for a pack outside of the Breakfast series. This name should sound familiar. mDiyo! (http://www.twitch.tv/mdiyo) His group will be joining us in the community to play the wonderful pack maintained by Tatazaki!

Don't forget to join us on irc or discord!


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