Time for an Update!

Many of you are curious about what our current pack options are for our group. These always available via our discord using the !s command. For those of you who do not have discord, here's a current list.

Gravy Vanilla 1.14.1

Bagel Sky Factory 4 4.0.5

:Grits Enigmatica 2: Expert 1.64d

Brunch FTB Ultimate Reloaded 1.7.1

Bacon Omnifactory 1.0.2 Just released!

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Our Servers

Pack: Vanilla 1.19.2
Host: gravy.breakfastcraft.com
Pack: FTB Infinity Evolved 3.1
Host: donut.breakfastcraft.com
Pack: Mechanical Mastery 1.0.4
Launcher: Any
Host: bagel.breakfastcraft.com
Pack: StoneBlock 3 1.3.0
Launcher: any
Host: bacon.breakfastcraft.com