Spilled Juice (BAGEL) To Reset in Late January!

It's the time folks! Due to some impending and delayed changes for the pack, we're reaching the point of needing a fresh world to continue the awesome progression that UnNinja has so gratefully managed the past several months. Sometime in late January, (And when we say late january, we're literally talking about the end of the month) a world reset should be imminent to being pushed. At this time we're not able to confirm exact details, or even how late we will be for this deadline. (Let's be honest, I don't think we ever make scheduled deadlines.)

For the mean time, continue to enjoy the server for the next several weeks. At which, more details will be announced, and possibly new ideas explored.


DONT FORGET, WE HAVE A GITHUB! If there's anything you'd like to see removed or added to the pack, whether it be whole mods or config changes, your input is greatly appreciated in that location. Each thought will be examined and may even make it into the final product!



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