BreakfastCraft Servers/Packs Update Information

As many of you know, Breakfastcraft has became a quite active pack development community alongside our multiplayer servers. With this, several changes/updates are expected to occur over the coming month(s) for our entire group.

  1. GRAVY, our Vanilla Minecraft Server will be updated to 1.11 tonight (9/28)

  2. BAGEL, our Spilled Juice (ATLauncher, Pack Code: glassofmilk) Server will be updated to 0.20 with a map reset on Friday (9/30 6:30PM Eastern)

  3. BACON, our Infinity Evolved Skyblock Server will be retired upon the release of FTB Infinity for 1.10.2

  4. DONUT, our BreakfastBuffet** Server will be semi-retired to make room for a new Update of Breakfast Special* (ATLauncher, Public Pack).

  5. CREPE, our Sky Factory 2.5 Server will remain active through out these changes.

  6. BRUNCH, our French Toast (ATLauncher, Pack Code: FrenchToast) will remain active through these changes.

*: Breakfast Special is currently under development/testing. We expect is release soon(tm). If you have any suggestions, please refer to the post below.
**: Upon the release of several major mods, our kitchen sink Breakfast Buffet pack will return to DONUT and Breakfast Special will move to a different server which will be determined at that time.

Remember, this information is subject to change. Please feel free to join us on our IRC to join in on the chat about the world of minecraft modding and various other topics. (Hint: Ask Topher about how TNT will get you banned)

Comments on "BreakfastCraft Servers/Packs Update Information"

Demethan's Avatar
7 years, 6 months ago
I am so exited.!!!  Woot.

Help keep the server on!